Applying the new advances in basic and clinic research, we develop innovative tools to improve the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Multidisciplinary Research

We develop collaborative works with several specialists, achieving the expertise from different fields, key to innovative projects.

Translational Research

We develop a direct benefit research to the patients. Clinical and fundamental research are developed together to meet the needs of our patients.

Medicine 4P

Our activity has the aim to advance in the development of a Participative, Personalized, Predictive and Preventive medicine.


We work collaboratively aiming to gain strength for a common purpose.

Teaching and Training

We constantly develop teaching and training activities for the progress of medical residents, graduate students, masters, doctoral students and technical personnel.


We have shown that intermittent hypoxia in a murine model induces a reversible cardiovascular remodeling

We demonstrated that managing patients in Primary Care Unit is more cost-effective than managing them in Specialized Sleep Unit

We developed the first predictive technology of response to CPAP treatment for the personalized management of sleep apnea patients

We identified that the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with CPAP reduces blood pressure

The main lines of research combine basic and translational research


Investigation in Sleep Apnea

Respiratory sequelae in the critically ill patients

Technological applications and use of artificial intelligence in chronic patients

Sleep health, sleep disorders and chronobiology

Translational Research
Respiratory Medicine